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Dirty Money

by | 7th, July 2003

‘IF the love of money is the root of evil, then the Lottery has been responsible for more than its fair share of unhappiness.

‘You look like a million dollars’

This morning, the Sun tells how car salesman Peter Martin left his wife to move in with new love Jackie King – ‘who just happens to be a £14 million lottery winner’.

The father-of-three fell for the millionaires when she came into his showroom to splash out on, er, a Ford Focus.

Jackie herself was married when she won the fourth largest jackpot of all time, but divorced husband Mick soon after.

Meanwhile, 16-year-old Callie Rogers is finding out that life as a lottery millionaires is not all sweetness and light.

No sooner had she got her hands on the cheque, then an ex-lover of her boyfriend Gary Fidler was on the phone to the papers claiming that Gary was a love cheat.

Single mum Leona McTear said Gary had pledged undying love via text message just days before Callie’s jackpot win.

But the 25-year-old is quick to claim in this morning’s Express that he is not in it for the money.

‘She can burn the lot tomorrow as far as I’m concerned,’ he tells the paper. ‘I don’t want to see a penny of it.’

But Callie’s ex-boyfriend Shane Collier is less happy, telling the Mail that he is gutted that he dumped the teenager just before she won £1.8m.

‘It took me several days to come to terms with it,’ he says, ‘and I am only just beginning to recover now.

‘She’s a good lass with a sensible head and I don’t think she’ll squander it. I hope it brings her happiness.’

Sadly, history suggests otherwise…

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