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Say It Again, Samms

by | 9th, July 2003

‘WHAT do you get if you cross Anne Diamond with a liposuction needle? Why, Emma Samms.

The aliens should have kept her

Emma divides her time between Los Angeles and London, travelling between the two in her narrow boat, the one she keeps moored in the West Country.

Many of you will not have realised that Emma, the former star of Dynasty, has been playing a dying patient obsessed with Art Malik in the BBC’s Holby City series.

Those who live outside nursing homes and actual hospital wards will not watch Holby City, so Emma resorts to type and talks about what it was like snogging Jeff Colby.

She says that John James, who played drippy Jeff, was ‘gorgeous’ and then regales us with the story that their first day of filming together called for them to spend the day in bed making out.

The two people in the world that have not already heard that story can pass onto the nest Samms’ anecdote, the one about Joan Collins, who looked ‘unbelievably gorgeous’ without make-up.

The only new thing in Emma’s life of any note is the £165 top by See, which one supposes is a design house. This she shows off in the rear of her narrow boat.

It rivals her other sensational news: ‘I love being a mum.’ At which point OK! dives into the water and swims like mad…

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