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Desert Storm

by | 8th, July 2003

‘INSTEAD of sexing up (or sexing down) dossiers, the Prime Minister should work on sexing up his own image, as today’s Times reports that voters are losing faith in him and his Government.

Jammin’ today – and jammin’ tomorrow

To the paper’s question, ‘How would you vote if there were a General Election tomorrow?’, 36% of respondents say Labour, 34% say Tory, 21% answer Liberal Dem and 9% opt for a party called ‘Other’.

But before Tony and the Blairios strap on their PVC catsuits and step onto the church stage for one last rabble-rousing concert and before Cherie raises the hems of her leather skirts, there are questions to the answered.

One of the chief reasons for the fall in the Government’s popularity is the Iraq effect.

And, as the Independent reports, yesterday’s published findings from the Foreign Affairs Select Committee say the ‘jury is still out’ on the accuracy of the Government’s now infamous dossier.

As a verdict from a political jury, ‘the jury is still out’ leaves something to be desired.

The committee’s MPs talk of a feeling of ‘continuing disquiet and unease’ about the validity of the dossier, a sense that is ‘unlikely to be dispelled unless more evidence of Iraq’s WMD programmes comes to light’.

You can see Euan Blair unwrapping his new metal detector right now. ‘Wicked! And where did you say I’m spending my gap year, dad?’ ‘Iraq, son. There’s plenty of beach.’

But if mum Cherie is worried about her boy, she need not be, because the Times says the committee did find that the Government gave ‘undue prominence’ to the claim that Saddam Hussein could launch biological and chemical weapons in 45 minutes.

Euan can take as long as he likes, but he should be on his guard for the sun and the flies…

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