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Mothers’ Pride

by | 8th, July 2003

‘YESTERDAY, the mother of ousted Big Brother contestant Anouska complained that the show’s producers were exploiting her daughter by sending her to Australia and plying her with booze.

Puppy love

Today, the mother of another Big Brother housemate joins in the criticism of the show – complaining that her daughter is not getting enough sex.

Elzbieta Shields tells the Star that daughter Nush Nowak is ‘like a naughty puppy’ around Scott and urges him to make a move.

Anorak’s experience of naughty puppies suggests that it doesn’t pay to get too close without wearing waterproof clothing, but each to their own.

From golden showers to Gold Coast showers – and the Star responds to yesterday’s call to stop exploiting Anouska with some topless pictures of the 20-year-old.

‘Yesterday, she gave viewers a generous eyeful of her boobs as she showered topless and provocatively played with her bikini briefs while she was sunbathing,’ it says.

Enter another mum into the fray – Sheila Jeynes, parent of Welsh man-woman Lisa.

‘My daughter is not a lesbian, she’s not a bitch and she’s certainly not a man,’ she tells the Star.

But as for her son…

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