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Camp Cam

by | 8th, July 2003

‘THE one person who seems to have been changed by his time in the Big Brother house is Cameron.

Ray tries to count up to three

The shy, coy lad from Scotland’s outer reaches has mutated into this camp, effete roly-poly luvvie called Cam.

We’ve been calling him John Inman of late, but he’s only a pair of over-sized frames away from Chris Biggins.

It might be that Cam is the one who goes on to be a TV star. If Orkney regional television is looking for a new face, it need look no further than Cam.

While Cam turns into something pretty horrible, Ray is weeping about being Head of House

The Irishman told Cam that he had shed a few tears over his having to choose three people to go up for nomination.

Three from six – and one of them, presumably, not being Ray – should be easy enough. Just choose the ones you never want to see again.

On second thoughts it is tricky – the two you don’t pick will think you like them. Over to you, Ray…

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