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by | 9th, July 2003

‘THE presence of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson guarantees a party, in much the same way as a party guarantees the presence of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.

Tara comes over all shy

It is one of those immutable laws of showbusiness – as fixed and as constant as the laws that govern the universe.

Tara could no more miss a party than the sun could start to revolve around the moon or Anthea Turner could keep her hands off another woman’s husband.

So it is with no surprise that we bump into TP-T in the pages of Hello! both at the Charlie’s Angels premiere and at Sir David Frost’s annual summer party.

Such is Tara’s status as a social butterfly that she can flutter between the two events – but which invitation do you accept if you are invited to both?

Well, the premiere boasted such luminaries of stage and screen as Lady Victoria Hervey, Nell McAndrew and Melinda Messenger, not to mention the ubiquitous Kidd sisters.

Frost’s party, on the other hand, could call on The Two Ronnies, Bruce Forsyth, Chris Tarrant and William Hague. Oh, and Barry Norman was there with daughter Samantha.

It’s your call…

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