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Independence Day

by | 8th, July 2003

‘VICKI marked the American Fourth of July celebrations by declaring her own Independence Day and going ahead with a termination despite Sharon and Spencer’s pleas.

‘Your turn. I ‘aven’t done you yet, ‘ave I?’

Sharon had even offered Vicki ten grand to have the baby but Vicki’s not stupid. For one thing, where on earth was Sharon going to get ten grand, considering a good night at Angie’s Den consists of four of the Slater sisters in there, sipping Bacardi Breezers?

It was good news all round though as Sharon announced that she’d booked Vicki on a flight back to the States this week. Hopefully that’s the last we’ll see of her and her Catherine Zeta Jones style bizarre attempts at an American accent.

Dr Anthony is also off for pastures new (the job centre most likely) as he leaves Walford, convinced that he’s a bad doctor after a pregnant woman dies in his care.

To be honest, I could never see the point of Dr Anthony, other than to give the producers a few more PC brownie points with their ‘Hey, look – black people can be doctors too’ approach. It’s a pity they can’t have any actual storylines.

Their final attempt to give Anthony something to do before he leaves consisted of a painful scene of him trying to kiss Kat again, for about the hundredth time.

Kat rebuffed him, telling him that she was with Alfie now. Poor Anthony, he’s so useless he can’t even pull Walford’s biggest slapper.

Kat’s reputation has got back to Alfie and he’s having second thoughts about how he’s going to measure up against so many, many men.

Alfie and Kat are scheduled to have their second break-up this week. It’ll be interesting to see how many they manage in this pathetic attempt to keep viewers vaguely interested.

The new Ferreira family are having storylines chucked at them at an alarming rate and consequently none of them are remotely interesting.

The family secret turns out that their ‘dead’ mother isn’t dead at all but is actually Madha Jaffrey, renowned actress and curry sauce millionairess.

No wonder she wants to keep the fact that she’s related to this sorry lot a secret.

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