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by | 9th, July 2003

‘SOMETHING has been missing these last few months – something small, something loud and something ginger.

To remove crabs, wash thoroughly with delicing shampoo

No, not the Rice Krispies trio Snap, Crackle and Pop, but Geri Halliwell, celebrity slimmer and one-time member of the Spice Girls.

‘She’s Back,’ trumpets the Mirror front page to the obvious delight of all its readers, who had barely been able to sleep in her absence.

And not only is she back but ‘she’s back to her curvy best’, according to the Star, which catches up with the former Turkish game-show hostess on the set of Sex And The City.

The 30-year-old (that’s what it says in the paper) was making a special guest appearance in the show, playing Phoebe Kittenworth, a close pal of maneater Samantha Jones.

‘They meet as Phoebe leaves the New York branch of the ultra-trendy club Soho House and finds Samantha outside in a desperate bid to gain membership,’ the Star explains.

‘Phoebe makes her day by getting her into the club.’

It sounds a riveting storyline, but the papers are only really concerned by how Geri – for some reason wearing a bikini top and a thigh-skimming skirt – looks.

‘Everyone knows Geri has been through a lot lately but she looked absolutely fantastic,’ an onlooker tells the Star.

What exactly Geri’s supposed to have been through recently we don’t know – except perhaps several cartons of biscuits and a few balls of wool.

It is the wool that is pulled over the Sun’s eye as it watches her indulge in the new celebrity hobby of knitting.

‘Geri uses knitting to unwind,’ one unnamed onlooker tells the paper. ‘She seems to have gone from Girl Power to Purl Power.’

Of course, that’s exactly what they said – because everyone in New York talks in Sun-style puns…

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