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by | 9th, July 2003

‘TO complete the wildlife theme, we move from dogs to horses to birds.

Artist’s impression of the culprit (and his accomplices)

And we turn to the Mail to hear how a woodpecker, which set up home in a garden in Somerset, made so much noise that a neighbour complained to the council.

The council then sent a notice to Liz Twose, who owns the garden where the woodpecker had taken up residence, threatening a £5,000 fine unless the noise stopped.

If it did not, the notice warned, the ‘offending equipment’ would be confiscated.

Mrs Twose said her first reaction was that the letter was a joke, but the council assured her that it wasn’t.

Only after she had managed to convince the council that the ‘offending equipment’ was in fact a woodpecker trying to drum up a mate did the council agree to drop the matter.

‘The complainant thought it was a bird scarer which is used in agriculture to scare away birds,’ a council spokesman said, adding that it had also received complaints about mooing cows.

But there’s no need to get back to Geri Halliwell again…

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