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Escort Girl

by | 10th, July 2003

‘WHEN David Beckham was a little boy, he had a dream – that one day he would own a Ford Escort.

David Beckham dream sequence

And it’s a dream that he might have realised if he hadn’t met and married a singer by the name of Victoria Beckham.

As the former Spice Girl prepares to relaunch her singing career this weekend, the Mail reports that marriage destroys a man’s ambition.

According to a study by New Zealand researchers, the male drive is tied up with attracting a mate and, once this is done, that drive dampens down.

They studied 280 eminent scientists throughout history and discovered that most of them made their biggest discovery before their mid-thirties and before they got married.

And the same was true of jazz musicians, painters and authors.

What, however, of singers? Could it be true that, at the age of 29, Victoria Beckham’s best years are all behind her?

The Star, which catches up with her in New York wearing a T-shirt bearing the hopeful slogan ‘Pillow Talk Is Extra’, says the artist formerly known as Posh Spice is confident that her new hip-hop single will be a success.

One pal claims that hip-hop producer Damon Dash was bowled over by her singing.

‘She’s prepared for the critics – but really believes this is her big moment,’ the pal says.

And a New York source also claims the song is going to be big. ‘Everything Damon touches turns to gold when it comes to music,’ they tell the Star.

And if they’re right, who knows – maybe Posh will make her husband’s dream come true and buy him that Ford Escort after all.

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