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Musical Youth

by | 10th, July 2003

‘ONE thing the Beckhams have in common is that they both excelled at music when they were younger.

‘Another ten laps around the track and I’ll have done nine’

Victoria was, of course, the creative force behind the Spice Girls – and was even allowed to sing on a couple of their songs.

And David was ‘very good at all aspects’, according to his school report (which is this morning reproduced in the Sun).

However, apart from music and sport, David’s academic record was nothing to write home about – had he even been able to write well enough to perform that task.

In English classes, he was accused of ‘considerable insolence’, in French he was ‘distracted by those with whom he chooses to associate’ and in Maths his work was described as ‘very slow’ and ‘painstaking’.

However, even he should be able to manage to count the number of solo hits his wife has had. One, two…

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