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A Fool And His Money

by | 10th, July 2003

‘RAY was the man who bet on red and it came in black. Ray is the one who gambled on the numbers that did not come in.

Stay out of the black and into the red, you get 50 grand in this game for two in a bed

Ray is the man who put the entire household’s basic budget of £51 on the roulette table and lost the lot.

Well, nearly the lot because for some reason Ray but £1 on black. This means that Ray doubled his stake when it came in.

Which makes you wonder what you can get for £2 these days.

Judging by the way this year’s Big Brother is going and the calibre of contestants chosen, you could hire yourself the entire BB production team as soon as this year’s winner is announced.

As it was, Ray and his mates ordered one toilet roll, tins of tomatoes, a tin of sweetcorn and two carrots.

Given the paucity of food, the toilet roll could well be surplus to requirements. But this is Big Brother IV, and where there’s roll, there’s…

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