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Sexing Up School

by | 11th, July 2003

‘AS Leo Blair approaches school age, Government think tanks are working tirelessly to explain and then reverse the trend of boys doing badly at school.

Catch Tony And The Rhythm Methods at the church hall this Sunday and every Sunday

The latest initiative, as reported in the Independent, is for something called ‘gender-based seating’. In simple terms this means placing a boy next to a girl and so on.

A survey by Ofsted, the education watchdog, says that in a survey of over 200 schools, those that had chosen the mixed seating policy reported improved academic performances by both sexes.

But the scheme’s real worth will surely come when one other Government body, the Independent Advisory Group on Teenage Pregnancy, gets its wish for primary school children as young as five to be educated on sexual maters.

Think how proud Tony and Cherie will be when Leo comes home from school and tells them that he’s popping upstairs to do his sex studies practical with the Browns’ girl from next door.

If he reads the Times, Leo will also be able to tell mum and dad that the rhythm method, the only form of birth control permitted by the Catholic church, doesn’t work.

Just listen to Roger Pierson of Saskatchewan University. He says that the so-called safe period, when women are not receptive to insemination, is a fallacy.

‘We all know people trying to use natural family planning, and we have a word for those people,’ he says. ‘We call them parents.’

And their children we call Leo…

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