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Playing A Round

by | 11th, July 2003

‘ONE man who perhaps should sit in on primary school classes in sex is Bill Clinton. After all, this is the man who is unsure what the term ‘sexual relations’ actually means.

‘I’m telling you, Monica, this is how they play golf in Thailand. Now, remove the flag…’

We, of course, know. Sexual relations mean a political career for Mrs Clinton as the wronged women of substance and a life on the celebrity circuit for Miss Monica Lewinsky.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph spots Bill preparing to putt a ball in the direction of a hole.

‘Bill Clinton yesterday united his two loves,’ says the paper, inviting readers to insert any two of the words: cigars, Bill, Monica, interns, Chelsea, sax and – oh yeah – Hilary.

The two loves chosen by the paper are Ireland and golf. Bill apparently loves them both, and has just bought a two-bedroom flat on a plot of land bordering Ireland’s prestigious Kildare Hotel and Country Club, better known as the K Club.

Great news for Bill. And good news for Hillary who can finally admit that her husband is not with her because he’s playing a round…

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