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On The Brink

by | 11th, July 2003

‘IF Big Brother producers want to spice the show up, they should start recruiting housemates in Newcastle.

A made-for-TV romance

Randy Geordies are apparently more likely to have a one-night stand than any other group in Britain, according to a survey reproduced in the Sun.

Local model (and former girlfriend of Peter Stringfellow) Helen Benoist said it was the drink that made the city lose its inhibitions.

‘What’s wrong with a bit of fun?’ asks Helen. ‘If it’s between two consenting adults, it does no harm. We’re very friendly.’

But even the Geordies who do get inside of the Big Brother house turn out to be duds – as last year’s runner-up Jonny Regan proved.

However, with the housemates celebrating 50 days locked up in this year’s Big Brother house, the papers are at last beginning to see the first stirring of the collective loins.

The Star pictures Lisa giving fellow housemates ‘a poolside peep show’ after Ray had snatched her bikini top.

And the Sun optimistically claims that the show was reaching fever pitch last night – ‘as Nush and Scott were on the brink of a bonk’.

On what intelligence the paper is basing this assessment we don’t know, especially as Nush is already trying to deny that she even kissed Scott at the St Patrick’s Day party.

But perhaps it means on the brink of a bonk in the same way that Saddam Hussein was on the brink of launching nuclear missiles at London…

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