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Theakston’s Old Peculiar

by | 11th, July 2003

‘AMANDA Holden is to co-stars what Anthea Turner is to other women’s husbands.

‘Come on, Jamie. I promise I won’t laugh – just ask Les’

And the Cutting It star has been at it again, this time luring Jamie Theakston into her lair.

The Star says the couple have been secretly dating since they met on the set of a BBC comedy, called either Eternal Rectangle or Tandem, depending on whether you believe the Star or the Express.

And they stepped out in tandem for the first time on Wednesday night, canoodling together in a London club.

A clubber tells the Star: ‘At first, all the people in the club were stunned, thinking ‘Of all the people to be an item’.

‘But then, when you think about it, Jamie and Amanda are probably made for each other.’

Of course! He likes bondage sessions in Mayfair dungeons and she used to be married to funnyman Les Dennis. It’s so obvious…

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