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Last Man Standing

by | 11th, July 2003

‘BOOKIES are apparently so sure that Lisa will get the bullet that they have paid out to people betting that it will be the Welsh she-man who gets evicted tonight.

Lisa’s not a bad bloke once who get to know her

But the 35-year-old is not going without a fight – having a go at her fellow housemates who have ostracised her over the past couple of days.

‘I’m very intelligent, I’m amazingly strong,’ she told them. ‘Believe you me, I’m very much respected in the place I live in. I’ve done things that most of you won’t do for another 10 years.’

Meanwhile, Scott and Nush have ensured their survival for a couple more weeks by some Olympic-standard flirting as both of them admitted to fancying the other.

However, in the cold light of day Nush is playing it coy, claiming not to remember key parts of the previous evening’s entertainment.

Given the speed with which their relationship is moving, expect the couple finally to get it together sometime during Big Brother 15…

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