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Yellow Fever

by | 14th, July 2003

‘GIVEN the global popularity of TV’s The Simpsons, it’s not too surprising that many men see Homer as their hero. They want to dress like him, talk like him, even look like him.

On Best behaviour

And one man who, apparently, wants it more than any other is George Best.

Best, who spent years propped on bar stools in a successful bid to turn a rich Homer yellow (only to have his colour scrubbed out by meddling liver surgeons), is now back on the booze.

The Sun hears George’s son Callum ‘Bart’ Best say that he thinks his father has been back on the drink.

The Mirror cocks an ear towards George’s wife, Alex ‘Marge’ Best, who begs pubs across the land not to serve her husband.

Sadly, her plea came too late for staff at the Chequers pub, Tadworth, Surrey, who served her husband a few drinks and then a few more.

Such is the furore that the Express takes a look at the statement issued by the brewery that owns Chequers, and hears them claim that Best has been a good customer for a while, drinking spritzers for months.

The pub also claims that Best had been served because the landlord, Mark Nobel-Campbell, is a New Zealander and failed to recognise his new patron.

But now that Best is changing colour again, clasping his head to his hand and shouting ‘D’oh!’, it’s unlikely he’ll make the same error twice.

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