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by | 14th, July 2003

‘THE George Best story makes you wonder where David Beckham and his parasitical wife will draw the line in their shameless quest to be famous.

Michaelangelo’s Day-vid

Will Day-vid paint himself a liver-damaged yellow? Probably, if his wife convinced him that it’s really gold and it will further her singing career.

The latest outing of the Beckham circus took them to the wedding of Dave Gardner and ex-Hollyoaks actress Davinia Taylor, in a church at Chelford, Cheshire.

The Mirror says that Vicky and Dave turned up and stole the show. ‘Do you Posh and Becks solemnly swear to steal the show at your friends’ wedding?’ it asks.

But the paper is surely missing the point. Without the Madrilenos, the happy couple would not have got their names within spitting distance of even their local paper, never mind the nationals.

Inviting the Beckhams to your do guarantees publicity. And the Sun laps it up, even pointing a camera at the toothsome bride and her new husband.

And if you’re close enough to the couple, and give the PR firms enough notice, they might throw in Brooklyn as part of the deal.

They will dress him up in a white suit, a kind of ‘mini me’ Day-vid, and offer him to camera.

For a few photos extra, it is rumoured that David will dress in a loincloth and a crown of thorns, juggle a football up the aisle, weaving between the bride and groom before delivering a deft chip onto the head of the vicar.

Posh will then mime a hip-hop version of Rock Of Ages, and actually sacrifice Romeo on the altar marked ‘Celebrity’…

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