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Pearly White House

by | 15th, July 2003

‘WE all know that Government ministers have expensive tastes in wallpaper. Well, it looks like they’re not much into cheap toilet bags either.

Tony treasured his birthday card from George

When Tony was looking for a present to give his new best friend George, he wanted something personal, something that George would remember him by.

He considered buying one of those nodding dogs and even thought of sending a CD of Ugly Rumours’ Greatest Hits, before plumping for the toilet bag.

‘It was clearly no ordinary bag,’ notes the Guardian, which has been rummaging through George’s present drawer, ‘as it was embossed with a gold monogram and officially valued at $351 (£216), probably much more if it ever found its way onto eBay.’

The paper doesn’t specify the exact nature of the monogram, although favourites include ‘TB 4 GB’ and ‘DUMB & DUBYA’.

But why a toilet bag? The Guardian thinks it is possibly a witty echo of Mr Bush’s remark at their first meeting that the two men used the same toothpaste.

Or it may just be a none-too-subtle hint about the President’s personal hygiene.

What is for sure is that is wasn’t the most expensive present that George Dubya has received – the Saudis gave him a $1m oil painting and the Italians an alabaster sculpture depicting The Allegory Of The Triumph.

Nor, however, was it the cheapest present – Morocco sent a $3 jar of fish bait, Canada a $20 pen holder and Poland a paperback book on fighting terrorism.

As the President has famously only read one book in his life, we fear the Polish present is destined to lie unread on a White House bookshelf.

After all, after almost two years George Dubya still hasn’t finished Eating Pretzels For Dummies…

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