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House Arrest

by | 15th, July 2003

‘THINK back to a time when Big Brother was not the worst thing ever shown on British TV. Remember that large pink blob. No, not Vanessa, think further back than even her.

An early version of Vanessa Feltz

Yes, it’s Mr Blobby, the creature that gave us the monster who is Noel Edmonds.

The Mail says that Noel plans to return to the telly. He had said that he’d never return, but in a move that he likens to Steve Redgrave’s call to be shot if he ever stepped back in a boat, he is ready to take to the screens.

Well, shoot him now.

The paper says that Noel has two new formats for our televisual delight – details of which are not supplied.

However, given that locking people into a fake house and forcing them to smile or else has been done to a death in his House Party and Big Brother, his new ventures must be even better.

What about using a torture chamber instead? That way he can experience the same pain as his viewers.

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