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Well, He Was Just 17

by | 16th, July 2003

”WELL, he was just 17, and, you know what we mean, the way he looked, you’d have thought that he was nine.’ Yeah!

‘Well, it was about as big as my thumb…’

Wow! This girl Jordan can really sing. Who would have thought there was room for lungs under the sand castles she wears on her chest.

But let’s not interrupt her in mid-flow, but rather stay with her, as the Star does.

‘Well, he looked at me, and I, I could see that before too long I’d fall in love with him.’ Waaa! And what next?

‘Well, my chest went kaboom! as I crossed the room and I held his hand in mine’ Yeehaw!

‘I snuck up the corridor, he wanted some more, so I stayed a while with him after the show.’ Oooooo! He said I’d never shagged him – but I did, and the awful truth you must now know.

‘He’s got a small willy! He’s got a small willy! He’s got a small willy! It’s so small, it’s way beyond compare.’

Jordan plans to release her Double F-side version of her fling with Gareth G-Gates in her new autobiography.

In the meantime, it’s a tune you cannot get out of your head. So, come on, all together now: ‘He’s got a small willy! He’s got a small willy. He’s got a small…’

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