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Biggins & Drip

by | 16th, July 2003

‘CAMERON and Nush. Nush and Cameron. Biggins and Drip. Drip and Biggins.

Damp or camp?

Whichever way you write it, the two housemates up for eviction this week fail to inspire. It was the best of Nush, it was the worst of Nush. Call me Cameron.

Nah, still doesn’t work.

There is something so lacking in either of them that getting an audience to stay with them, to dig in and reap long-term benefits is hard graft.

After nine weeks, we can only say that Cam has at least changed in some way. While he’s become some effete media luvvie (even his shortened name is a piece of TV kit), Nush has just become morose.

In the diary room, they voted for each other’s eviction. Cam, as he must now be known, also voted for Ray, who he says is a ‘rat’. Nush plumped for Steph.

Ray chose Nush and Cam. Scott went for Steph and Cam. And Steph went for Nush and Scott.

The watching world, meanwhile, went for something to drink, a kebab and a video of Big Brother IIIĀ…

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