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Sues You, Sir

by | 17th, July 2003

‘IT can only be a matter of time before the TV companies start receiving compensation claims from viewers distraught at the footage they saw of the war in Iraq.

‘Push an apple, shake the tree…’

After all, everyone is claiming for everything these days in what is one of our less welcome imports from the United States.

This morning, we learn of a prisoner who claims his human rights were breached by a prison officer who put boot polish and jam on the loo seat in his cell as a practical joke.

The Times says that although the Prison Service decided that there was little chance of the prisoner’s claim for torture or inhumane treatment being upheld, it was better to settle out of court – and awarded the con £500.

Which is very small change indeed to Catherine Zeta-Jones, for whom £1m is famously not a lot of money.

We do not know what the Welsh actress and her aged husband Michael Douglas think about £2.5m, although two and a half times ‘not a lot’ normally equals ‘not a lot’.

However, that is the amount the Times says the precious couple are trying to get out of Hello! magazine for publishing unflattering photos of their wedding.

In one of the photos, Catherine was shown in mid-mouthful; in another, she was apparently pictured on the dance-floor boogying away to Black Lace’s Agadoo.

Suddenly, £2.5m doesn’t seem like a whole lot of money…

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