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Righting Rons

by | 17th, July 2003

‘YOU can’t have helped but notice that the face of fast food has been changing.

Mr Yamasoto, seconds before his untimely death

Mr Wimpy, who looked like Nigel Lawson before he lost weight, now looks like him after his crash diet.

And Ronald McDonald’s radioactive clothing and neon nose have been replaced by a pair of huge wellies and a healthy glow.

You can now get McSalad instead of a McBurger, which is so fresh it might even come with some McBugs and a few microbes of authentic McFertiliser.

But the Mail says that children still want the meat treats. And they want them so badly that they are prepared to turn up at school to get them.

Schools like Cornelius Vermuyen secondary in Canvey Island, Essex, are giving 50 pupils with a perfect performance record a voucher entitling the holder to a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder, fries and soft drink.

Children who play truant will not get the free meal, although they’ll probably be sick of McDonalds having spent the better part of last term sitting in one.

Kate Dalmeny, a research officer at the Food Commission, is not happy at the deal.

In the Mail, she talks of the need to improve a child’s diet, especially with the rising problems of obesity and poor childhood nutrition.

Perhaps she’d be in a better mood if McDonald’s started offering the kind of wholesome delights more usually seen in school canteens – like McSlops, McSwede and the catering staff’s speciality du jour McFingernail And McHair In Custard.

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