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Thin Lady Speaks

by | 17th, July 2003

‘NUSH is up for eviction tomorrow – which would of course have absolutely nothing to do with why she has picked now to declare her love for Scott, telling him she wants them to stay together for ever.

‘It’s not very big, is it?’

Or at least until next Friday, when the winner of the £70,000 is announced.

The psycho-hippy has an unnerving way of talking about herself in the third person, previously the domain of megalomaniacs and Italian footballers.

‘Uh-oh, she’s getting drunk,’ she giggled last night, giving the audience a running commentary as she and Scott sat out under the stars.

Her heart may not be broken if she does get thrown out tomorrow, but it’s about the only part of Nush that will emerge from the house unscathed as she added a cut foot to her list of injuries.

Earlier, the housemates had passed their opera task – even without Gos, the house Pavarotti – and now have £90 for the last week’s food.

But there is an expression in opera – ‘it ain’t over until the fat lady sings’. So expect an appearance from Justine during next weekend’s finale.

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