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Potty Time

by | 18th, July 2003

‘WHEN Tony Blair returns to this country, we can confidently predict that standing ovations will be few and far between.

‘They’re out to get me, mother’

Blair operates on the mafia principle of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer still, hence Gordon Brown’s tenure in the second-most-important office of state, his occupancy of 10 Downing Street, and his seat next to Blair on the front bench during Prime Minister’s Questions.

And if Blair were the sort of man who used rude words (which he isn’t, of course), then he might also remember the Presidential dictum that it’s better to have Brown inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in.

Up until now, this relationship has just about worked, albeit under increasing strain.

Now, however, with Tony Blair temporarily out of the tent, Brown has walked over to Blair’s sleeping bag and unceremoniously – or possibly very ceremoniously – emptied the contents of his bladder all over it.

The Independent reports that Brown’s supporters have mounted an all-out attack on the Prime Minister in the pages of the New Statesman.

Blair is labelled a ‘psychopath’, and is accused of airing ‘all kinds of fancy ideas…without rhyme or reason’.

Downing Street’s response was swift and incisive. The PM has not gone ‘potty’, said his official spokesman, adding that the ‘psychopath’ label was itself ‘potty’.

Potty? No. But definitely full of [this article has been cut for reasons of space].

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