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Black And Blue

by | 18th, July 2003

‘YOU’VE got to laugh at Chelsea fans. Well, the Chelsea fans who sit in the whites-only areas of Stamford Bridge.

When in Chelsea, do as the Roman does

The fans who made monkey noises last year at a black Chelsea fan who dared to wear the kit on match day and sit among them.

You can laugh at them. They, after all, are there to be laughed at.

The trouble for these true Blues began a few seasons back when the Chelsea gangsters had a black dreadlocked Dutchman installed as their manager.

Ruud Gullit was a shock at first but was soon put in the bracket of ‘all right black bastard’ by the Chelsea traditionalists.

After all, Ruud played football for Holland, and that means he’s all right. The Dutch love a tear-up on match day. So Ruud was all right, really.

Still, though, the Blues made the monkey noises at other black players. Like albino gibbons they jumped around behind the goal.

And when Spurs came to play at the Bridge, they had a right old time.

‘Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz, Adolf’s going to gas them again,’ sing the good old boys.

The sound of what they imagine to be gas is then emitted from their thin lips. Up go the raised arms.

At least these boys don’t deny the Holocaust, even if they do celebrate it.

And now – guess what – Chelsea’ new boss, the man who leads them into a bright new dawn is a Jew. He’s a yiddo. How funny is that!

The fans that love all things white and pure right down to their yellowy teeth and fingernails now have an Italian manager and a Jewish owner.

The only thing that stops us all having the last laugh at Chelsea is that they also have more money than God and are in the process of constructing an enviable team.

And that’s the thing. As soon as the team wins things – if they win things – will we still hear the sound of the gas ovens from the Chelsea boys?

Or will Roman Abramovich now be put in the box for Yids who are all right – the ones who aren’t like the others?

The only thing missing from the Chelsea melting pot is an Asian footballer, and – Ho! Ho! – one who can take a great corner kick would be an added bonus.

Sadly, the sight of an Asian footballer at the Bridge – or at any professional ground – is a long way from becoming a reality.

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