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Sting Ray

by | 18th, July 2003

‘STEPH and Ray have had it out. No, not the £50,000 ‘it’, but a fighting it.

‘Make them shut up, make them go away!’

‘Obviously you take it to heart that you weren’t the man chosen by the women,’ said the talking hamster to Ray. ‘If push comes to shove, it wouldn’t be you.’

This is Steph talking, the woman who cried her heart out because Nush is more fanciable than her.

How she’d weep if she knew Jon is more fanciable than her. Hell, the mop in the kitchen is more sexually alluring than her.

Steph is clearly jealous of Nush. Jealously is a terrible thing – and even more terrible when you’re jealous of Nush.

The row ended with Ray storming out into the garden and calling Steph a bitch.

Next morning Ray had calmed down. ‘Do you ever regret sometimes what you’ve said and done the morning after?’ he asked Cameron.

Ray does – which is a shame, since his views were pretty much on the money.

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