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Old Dog, New Tricks

by | 18th, July 2003

‘CHRISTINA Aguilera is not someone who is known to be shy about flashing the flesh – as British rocker Darren Hajul is only too happy to confirm.

We’ve got plenty more where this came from, Chrissy

The Most Wanted singer claims that the 23-year-old ‘taught me some tricks I never knew’ – and he wasn’t talking about playing cards.

In fact, he says, they got on so well that she flew him to her Miami apartment for some more naughty action – and we catch up with them in Christina’s bedroom (complete with four-poster bed and mirrors) with the saucy singer dressed only in a black G-string.

‘I could tell she enjoyed men finding her so sexy,’ he says. ‘Christina whispered seductively ‘Do you like what you see?”

History does not relate Darren’s answer, but the Enquirer suggests that it may not have been an unqualified ‘yes’.

In a feature about the new craze to hit Hollywood, navel surgery, the magazine has that rarest of pictures – one of Ms Aguilera with her belly button not showing.

‘What are you hiding, Chrissy?’ it asks.

We don’t know but we would like to make it clear to Christina and her reps that, should she be less than proud of her tummy-winker, we will happily turn over every one of her navel shots in the Anorak library for a suitable fee.

We’re just trying to do the right thing, don’t you know?

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