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Jimi Jams

by | 21st, July 2003

‘YOU just know Tony Blair’s not smiling any more.

‘And the wind cries Tony’

The Independent has seen Mojo magazine’s list of the Top 10 guitar albums of all time and there is one glaring omission.

It’s hard to argue that Are You Experienced, the Jimi Hendrix masterpiece, is the best of all time, but can The Ugly Rumours Collection really be less popular than Charlie Christian’s Genius Of The Electric Guitar?

Mojo writer, Ritchie Unterberger, praises Hendrix’s use of ‘controlled feedback’ – a style he says the American pioneered, but we know was begun by Tony Blair in his youthful days and perfected by sound engineer Alistair Campbell.

‘Ritchie heaps praise upon Hendrix’s ‘mastery of a huge range of high-volume distorted tones’, a skill that Tony is surely blessed with.

If Hendrix was around today, and had not died in mysterious circumstances in the manner of a Ministry Of Defence scientist, we could ask him what he owes Tony Blair.

But since he’s dead, we’ll just have to content ourselves with knowing that Jimi was inspired to pick of the guitar after seeing Ugly Rumours’ lead axeman Tony ‘Sexed Up’ Blair complete an unplugged version of Manic Depression.

Take him away, Tony…

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