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Up Hill Gardner

by | 21st, July 2003

‘WITH the bride in orange, and the groom in a sober William Hunt suit, OK! invites us to gaze upon the wedding of Davinia Taylor and Dave Gardner.

Davinia, Dave and Becks

As the bells of the church peeled out Oranges And Lemons, Dave and Davinia stepped up to the altar and exchanged vows.

Davinia: ‘I, Davinia, do solemnly swear to marry Dave and stay faithful so long as he remains friends with David Beckham.’

Dave: ‘I, Dave, plight you my troth and say unto you that no man shall split asunder what Becks and I have. With my body I thee endure.’

Vicar: ‘You have been Tangoed.’

Thus married, Dave and Davinia were off to party in two marquees at The Manor House, the name of her family home.

The crowd trucked into hot canapes, including miniature bags of fish and chips in paper cones and mini steak pies.

And, of course, lashings of a carbonated orange drink whose name temporarily escapes us…

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