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by | 21st, July 2003

‘DO people grow to look like their pets, or do pets grow to look like their owners?

‘That bitch is soo last season’

Helping us to solve the riddle is OK!, which scents a (poop) scoop at a charity do for celebrities and their dogs.

We do not know how long Tamara Beckwith has been with her poodle Balthasar, for instance, but the elongated snout, the rolling-over at the command word ‘paparazzi’ and the sheer joie de vivre are shared by owner and pet alike.

Emma Forbes was also there, snuggling up to her daughter Lily and dog Alfie. Or is that dog Lily and daughter Alfie?

How we hanker for the days when dogs were called Fido, Woof and Schnorbitz and not Alfie, Lily and Poppy Holly! Just look at Miranda Richardson and her dog Liv.

At least Philip Treacy, the hat-maker, knows what’s what, calling his ugly little rat of a chihuahua Mr Pig.

And with a name and look like that, he’s bound to be attractive to Tamara. Perhaps she’s found her perfect mate at last…

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