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Auntie’s Bloomer

by | 22nd, July 2003

‘PRETTY clever of Tony Blair to release Jeffrey Archer at a time when the Press are on his case.

The Blairs look for instructions from on high

Cleverer still that Tony should leave the country on a visit to China at a time when the body of David Kelly lies still warm and questions about dodgy dossiers remain unanswered.

Of that story, the Times says that the first cracks are appearing in the BBC board’s united front.

An unnamed BBC governor has voiced ‘grave misgivings’ at the news that the main source of the allegations of ‘sexed-up’ dossiers was Dr Kelly.

Having earlier said that BBC journalists could rely on single sources if they were based on ‘senior intelligence sources’, the governor has noted that Dr Kelly, now revealed as the story’s main source, was not employed in the intelligence services.

Meanwhile the Telegraph spots Tony in China, where he’s just received a 19-gun salute and been treated to ‘the red carpet treatment’ in Beijing.

He’s pictured crouching down over Asian Field, an installation of 120,000 clay figures created by the British artist Antony Gormley.

Hanging off his shoulders is wife Cherie, perhaps whispering into his ear how incredible it is that the ghostly faces on the models are all different.

Tony grimaces. To him they might all look like the same middle-aged man with a beard and glasses.

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