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He’s Back I

by | 22nd, July 2003

‘IN what it is describing as the ‘best travel offer ever’, the Express is offering its readers holidays for £9.50 and week-long breaks for just £19.

‘I said I’d have to rebuild my life, not rebuild my wife’

But that is as nothing compared with the two-year holiday just enjoyed by Jeffrey Archer, novelist, charity fundraiser and bon viveur – all at the taxpayer’s expense.

It is something that no right-minded taxpayer would surely begrudge the 63-year-old peer – and, if reports in the Express are true, we may be asked to put our hands in our pockets again.

The paper claims that it took Archer only seven hours after leaving chokey to find himself on the wrong side of the law again.

However, as the offence was parking his car on a red line in south London, it is unlikely that another all-expenses-paid holiday is on the cards just yet.

The Sun, which has dubbed Archer ‘Lord Of The Lies’, says the perjurer also broke prison rules by identifying inmates and staff in his prison diaries, currently being serialised in the Mail.

‘But a prison service source said he would escape being recalled to jail,’ it adds.

If the Press were not exactly falling over themselves to welcome Prisoner No.FF8282 back into polite society, nor it seems was his wife Mary.

The Sun shows Archer puckering up to plant a smacker on his wife’s lips as they were reunited at their Grantchester home, only to have to settle for a peck on the cheek.

The paper says it shows a widening gulf between the couple, just as there was when Princess Diana turned her cheek to Prince Charles on their 1992 tour of India.

Or it could just be that, after her face-lift, Mary is no longer entirely sure which side of her face her lips are on…

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