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Winning Streak

by | 23rd, July 2003

‘NO-ONE knows better than the Queen how to deal with a streaker. She has, after all, come across a fair few in her 51-year reign.

Wimbledon dress code clearly states ‘predominantly white’

In 1994, a woman bared her breasts to the Queen at a rugby match at Twickenham; in 1996, two men stripped off in front of her at a polo event in Windsor Great Park; and last year a naked man with ‘Rude Britannia’ on his buttocks tried to gatecrash HRH’s Golden Jubilee celebrations in Newcastle.

So, when a teenager dropped his trousers in front of her at a royal garden party yesterday, the Queen didn’t miss a bite of her cucumber sandwich.

Fireman Dave Bearsall, who was chatting to her at the time, takes up the story in the Mail.

‘The Queen was just asking me how long I had been in the fire brigade and the kind of instances we deal with when the young man ran out,’ he said.

‘He had his trousers down. She looked up and said, ‘Oh dear’. She was facing him and saw exactly what happened.’

The streaker was rugby-tackled by a Beefeater in ceremonial dress before he could take his boxer shorts off – much to the delight of the crowd.

He was spoken to by the police, but not arrested – although the Express tries to spin the story as another Royal security blunder.

How exactly you stop someone from streaking other than by taking their clothes off them we don’t know…but the cops seem pretty relaxed about the whole incident.

‘Officers said they were treating the incident as a prank,’ the Mail says. ‘It was thought it may have originated from a bet with his brother.’

It is a view confirmed by teacher Alec Solomon, who said: ‘We saw his family afterwards. His brother was very red in the face.’

But then, like his mother, Prince William always did blush easily…

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