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Flying The Flag

by | 23rd, July 2003

‘OKAY, here’s a question for you. Which of the following was Sir Robin Williams’ (of the Campaign For An Independent Britain) reaction to the news that Labour councillors have banned the flag of St George because it is seen as racist.

Setting the standard

Was it a) ‘We have to respect the sensibilities of other ethnic groups’, b) ‘There’s no black on the flag of St George for a reason’ or was it c) ‘This is political correctness gone mad’?

While we leave you to work that one out (answer is in the Sun on Page 27), we move to the Express where we find the flag of St George flying proudly over the Greek island of Corfu.

And the poles from which the flag was flying belong to two male reps from infamous holiday company Club 18-30.

Hundreds of tourists at the resort of Kavos apparently watched as two female reps performed oral sex on the two aforementioned male colleagues on an official Club 18-30 stage.

‘A third rep soon joined in,’ says the paper, ‘with a man thought to be a holidaymaker as the couples were egged on by drunken, rowdy Brits.’

However, a local businessman was so disgusted by what he saw that he videotaped the whole thing and handed it to the police. The reps have since resigned and gone into hiding.

All of which is reported by the Express under the gender-specific headline: ‘Beach sex shame of Club 18-30 girl reps.’

Which, as Sir Robin Williams might say, is surely political incorrectness gone mad.

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