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Memory Game

by | 24th, July 2003

‘LAST night Big Brother’s Little Brother asked a really tricky question: ‘Who will you remember most and why?’

Two surprise new housemates

Callers were invited to give their answers on a phone line. Of course, the question should have been: ‘Why will you remember anyone?’ Followed by the qualifier: ‘Remember who?’

Meanwhile, Steph continues to sleep in the boy’s room. Is she afraid of being alone? Come on, Steph, get used to it – it’s either the life of a singleton or life in a commune for you.

But why are those beds in the girl’s room going to waste when there are people sleeping rough on our streets?

It’s a safe wager that the homeless are better looking, more talented and blessed with greater charisma than any of the women who used to dwell in the girls’ room.

It’s a national disgrace. Let them in. Throw open the gates. And if the new arrivals are worried about losing their pitches outside shops and in parks, make the producers of Big Brother keep them warm.

A show could be made of it – something called ‘Just Deserts’. Just a thought…

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