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A Duff Deal

by | 24th, July 2003

‘DAMIEN Duff is not worth £17m. That ridiculous sum only throws a harsher light on the £25m Manchester United reaped for the sale of David Beckham to Real Madrid.

Damien Duff learns of Chelsea’s bid

Even a child in the playground could tell you that if Duff, the workmanlike winger, is worth that much then Beckham is worth at least double.

Now we learn that Kieron Dyer is priced at £25m. How was this amount reached? Dyer is short of height and lacks the physical strength needed to make him a top player.

If Chelsea match Newcastle’s asking price, the Magpies should take it. That much money for a player with limited ability, one foot and a fondness for injury is absurd.

It’s clear that the clubs are learning how to manage their most prized assets. Duff was only worth £17m because that’s the price Blackburn inserted into his contract.

Did Blackburn really believe that anyone would offer that amount for the player? And if they did, surely only Manchester United entered their thinking.

The decision by Newcastle to slap a price on Dyer’s head just shows how serious they believe the Chelsea threat to be.

Bobby Robson talks of building a great squad and hanging on to his players. So why then has his board put a price on Dyer?

If you do not want to sell a player you do as Arsenal have done and say no money will get our man to sign for you. (Clearly, a bid of around £50m for Thierry Henry or Patrick Vieira would test the Gunners’ resolve.)

At a time when transfer fees were looking depressed, and even Manchester United baulked at the price of Ronaldinho, Chelsea’s bidding is a reminder of what used to be.

If teams are not lucky to receive a Chelsea cheque, they should take a reality check – the purse strings are getting tighter.

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