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The Good Samaritan

by | 29th, July 2003

‘IN the parable of the Good Samaritan, a man has been robbed on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho, beaten, stripped and left for dead.

Appearing at the end of a tunnel near you

First a priest comes across him and walks by on the other side of the road; then a Levite does the same; finally, a Samaritan takes pity on the man, dresses his wounds and takes him on his donkey to a nearby inn.

These days, few of us travel by donkey and still fewer of us know where Samaria is.

So, for a modern version of the parable we turn to OK! and discover that taking the place of the Samaritan is none other than David Beckham, out for a run in the south of France.

The Bible omits most, if not all, of the details about the original Samaritan’s physique, but OK! lets us know that the latter day version was ‘bare-chested, his muscles rippling in the sunshine’ when he came across a stricken scooter rider.

The man had apparently ventured too close to the black Mercedes driven by the England captain’s bodyguard, causing him to swerve and crash into a pile of rocks.

‘Ever the gentleman, David rushed over to help the stricken biker up, checking that he was all right before continuing on his jog – his second of the day,’ OK! says.

Next week, David helps illustrate another Biblical tale, The Parable Of The Rich Fool, and demonstrates how at the recent wedding of Dave Gardner and Davinia Taylor he turned water into a high-energy glucose drink…

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