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Going Down a Storm

by | 28th, July 2003

‘AS Cherie wants to be Tony, we all want to be like our own heroes.

Dannii decided to copy her crowd and affect a look of total boredom

So when the Star went to a Dannii Minogue concert at Kingsbury Water Park (‘The Vegas of Warwickshire’) it saw tens of fans who wanted to be just like Kylie’s sister.

When Danniii raised her left hand and pointed her fingers into the distance, the crowd copied her. When Danniiii waved, the crowd waved back. And when Danniiiii grabbed her nose and shimmied to the floor, the crowd aped her every move.

‘I saw her doing this strange move which was not like her normal dance routines,’ said Danniiiiii fan Gemma Jones. ‘I thought it might be some new sort of dance craze and started copying.’

It wasn’t. What it was was Danniiiiiii’s response to her seeing a boat on one of the lakes capsize.

Says the singer: ‘I wanted to stop singing and shout: ‘He’s capsized! Help him! Help him!”

She wanted to – but she didn’t. Ever the professional, Danniiiiiiii carried on regardless. In any case, the man in the capsized dingy was fine.

He waved back to Danni no less than three times. And Danni, and thus the crowd, followed suit…

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