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Hey-Hey, Are You Ready To Pay?

by | 29th, July 2003

‘AS if the BBC didn’t have enough on its plate at the moment, it is under fire from the United Nations for encouraging children to put too much on their plate.

‘You can smoke with us, snort coke with us…’

A report into advertising by fast-food firms slams the Corporation for allowing characters from the Tweenies to promote junk food.

In their time, says the Telegraph, the Tweenies have featured on the packaging for McDonald’s Happy Meals – high in sugar, saturated fat and salt.

They have also helped to sell Marks & Spencer’s Tweenies children’s meal and Heinz Tweenies pasta shapes – both of which contain high levels or sugar and/or salt.

The UN report says the food industry’s advertising budget is a staggering £25bn – more than the GDP of 70 per cent of the world’s countries.

For every £1 the World Health Organisation spends on preventing diseases caused by Western diets, the food industry spends more than £500 promoting those diets.

The BBC said it was carrying out a review of all its food licensing.

However, Jake and Fizz insisted that they would not be cancelling their lucrative association with Lardy Burgers & Kebab House in Peckham.

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