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Juan For The Road

by | 30th, July 2003

‘THE Mirror says that Arsenal have given Patrick Vieira one week to sign a new deal or find himself on the transfer list. And already the vultures are circling.

The last piece of silverware Veron picks up in England

The Sun says that Zinedine Zidane, the Real Madrid and France playmaker is keen to play alongside the leggy Frenchman. He says that signing the Frenchman would be ‘very good for us’.

Just as signing Juan Veron would be as good for Chelsea as it was for Manchester United.

The Sun says that the Mekon-like Argentinean is on his way to the Bridge and will be a Chelsea player by the end of this week for a fee of £15m.

Can it be just two years ago that Veron was being hailed as the brightest and best thing to have happened to English football – ever?

He’s now surplus to requirements at the club which lashed out £29.1m for him.

In football, as in all sports, there are no guarantees of success.

There was, though, always the guarantee that David Beckham would fail to communicate with his new team-mates at Real Madrid.

The Mail says that Beckham is uncertain of his role in the Madrid team because he can’t understand the Spanish instructions.

Those of us who have heard Alex Ferguson, Beckham’s manager at Old Trafford, grapple with English, will be confident that Beckham will eventually get to grips with Spanish.

The more important Beckham matter is found in the Star where the dyed-blonde footballer is shown with his hair down.

For the past couple of months Beckham has had his hair in a ponytail, enthuses the paper. And now, with no hint of explanation or warning, he has released the ribbon.

We can only wonder what mighty deeds he will do next. There are already rumours that he will ask the local peluquero to repalce the ribbon with a new one.

But this is, as we say, only a rumour.

The other sporting news is that Chev Walker and Ryan Bailey, two members of the Great Britain’s rugby league squad, have been sent to jail folwing a fight outside a Leeds nightclub.

This is some news since the fight actually resulted in a crimal conviction for two of those involved and that it did involve either Lee Bowyer of Jonathan Woodgate, both of whom were in Newcastle at the time.

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