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The Property Ladder

by | 30th, July 2003

‘PROPERTY developers are, in essence, estate agents with brains. Consider that statement for a moment and you will begin to realise how rare a breed a good property developer is.

The House Doctor had a long waiting list

Tonight BBC invites us to gaze upon these unicorn-type beings in a series entitled How I Made My Property Fortune. Just like you never hear of a genuinely charming agent, you never hear of a poor developer.

This six-part series, beginning at 8:30 tonight, features self-made millionaires who have made their fortunes by playing the property market.

Since we know that the market has risen sharply in recent years, expect to see lots of smug, plump developers.

These meteoric rises have also meant that many homeowners have made both real and paper fortunes on their property, depending on whether they’ve cashed in on the boom or not.

Each show follows a property tycoon as they buy and sell their way to untold wealth. And don’t they just deserve every penny of it…

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