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Ladies’ Night

by | 30th, July 2003

‘THURSDAY nights in Torredonjimeno, a town in Andalusia, southern Spain, are reserved for ladies only.

The mayor has declared Thursday ladies’ night and says he will fine any man seen out of doors in the evening.

Mayor Javier Checa’s intention is to encourage men to stay at home and do the chores. From this October any man found wandering the streets on a Thursday evening will be liable to pay a fine of five euros ($5.67).

‘Who does the mayor think he is to fine me if I go to a bar? I’ll go to a bar on Thursday, and if they fine me I’ll pay it…but we’ll be seeing each other in court,’ resident Jose Damas told state television.

He then put on his marigolds and began to scrubÂ…’

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