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Carole Singing

by | 30th, July 2003

‘WHEN brothers George and Ira Gershwin penned their immortal line Nice Work If You Can Get It, they did so with a precognitive nod to Carole Caplin, self-confessed ‘fitness trainer, stylist and lifestyle adviser’.

The sole surviving member of the Hair Bear Bunch

But Carole is still unhappy. ‘The last eight months have been horrendous,’ says she, lying back on a cushion in a blue crepe suit.

‘Sometimes I feel like sitting on the floor and having a good scream and shout. I’m not Miss Perfect – but neither is it my way to be a victim.’

Of course, if Carole did sit on the floor to have a good cry, she’d do so on the balls of her backside, assuming the position laid down by countless yoga gurus though the ages.

Perfect she may not be, but bad posture is hers for the taking.

It’s the kind of thing anyone can learn in the Maldives. Which is a co-incidence because Carole has just returned from a trip to those sun-kissed islands where she was researching a guidebook for the world’s premier spas and gyms.

We know that the best gym is the one with the most mirrors. We know that, but it’s nice of Carole to make a study of the enterprise.

However, the crux of Carole’s life is her 15-year relationship with Cherie Blair.

It enables her to field such questions as: ‘When you see from the TV pictures the stress that Tony Blair has been under these last couple of weeks since the death of Dr David Kelly, what do you think?’

It’s the kind of tricky question that Hello! never flinches from asking. And after thinking about the matter Carole delivers her verdict: ‘It’s a tough and rough world.’

You half imagine that those words are etched on Cherie’s own posterior, a reminder to Tony in more reflective moments that life is what you make of it.

But the most important question is how Carole would like to be known. ‘Cherie’s mate’ is not enough for the woman who wants it all.

If she could choose her own title, what would it be? ‘Consultant and writer in areas of health, fitness and well-being,’ says Carole.

What about one-time topless model and Peter Foster’s former lover, instead?

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