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Beguine Again

by | 30th, July 2003

‘JULIO Iglesias? Where do we begin – or Begin The Beguine, as he is wont to croon?

A smooth operator

Let’s do as Hello! does and start with a look at Julio’s sprawling Caribbean pad in the Punta Cana resort, a secluded enclave in the less-than-exclusive Dominican Republic.

Very nice it is too. Lots of wood, plenty of views of the azure sea and a nice few palm trees, we can tell you.

And there’s a young bird sitting on his shoulder. Her name’s Miranda Rjinsburge, and she’s clearly very much in love with the aging Spanish singer.

Don’t forget, Julio, you turn 60 in September. ‘Never! Never! No, if I celebrate anything, it will be that my brain and my heart are still functioning in unison,’ says.

‘Until I can no longer distinguish red wine from white, I shall feel as young as I think and think as young as I feel.’

Let’s hope Julio’s brain doesn’t start to deteriorate too rapidly or he’ll be behaving like a geriatric who thinks he’s eight-years old.

Of course, Julio would rather be 32, like the bird we’ve already seen, the one perched Captain Flint-like on his shoulder.

‘Some days Miranda is younger than me, sometimes older,’ says Julio somewhat wishfully. ‘Some days, I can feel 16, sometimes 160’.

Since there is nothing more unattractive than a 60-year-old who behaves like a teenager in the first flush of sexual endeavour, we say our goodbyes and leave Julio in paradise.

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