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Laura Keeps Mum

by | 30th, July 2003

‘THE murder of Jack Dalton has given Dennis his first major storyline since joining the cast. It’s allowing him to use all his full range of emotions: from balsa through to mahogany.

‘It’s got your eyes, Ricky’s nose, Ian’s chin…’

After releasing Phil due to lack of evidence, Walford Flying Squad brought Dennis in for questioning on the grounds that he was acting ‘suspiciously’ (or rather for suspicious acting).

Sharon gave him an alibi though and told him that she’ll stand by him ‘whatever’. ‘I just don’t want you turnin’ out like our dad,’ she told him. I don’t think there’s any danger of that – he’s not good enough to get a part in panto.

Laura went into labour this week although it was fairly difficult to tell as she’s gurning and red-faced at the best of times. Garry happened to be with her (of course) so was forced to go to the hospital with her.

Lynne wasn’t terribly happy about the fact her husband was playing ”appy families’ with another woman and left him. She shouldn’t worry though – the chances of anyone being in a happy family in Walford are zero.

Indeed, Laura’s baby had only appeared in one episode before he developed a life-threatening condition. ‘He needs a blood transfusion’ a nurse told her. ‘Your blood doesn’t match so can we ask the father?’

On the face of it, that would be a fairly straightforward request, but not for poor Laura. It turns out that Garry’s blood didn’t match that of his ‘son’ – which means that he can’t possibly be the father.

Laura is choosing to keep that information to herself though as Garry has promised to ‘be ‘ere for you and the baby’.

Rumour has it that Ricky will turn out to be the actual father, but the field’s still wide open.

Janine (who knows a thing or two about going to bed with several men in a day herself) has set out to fleece Barry for every penny. After getting him to buy her several ‘designer’ outfits (who knew that Sofa World’s covers could be so flattering?), she now persuaded him to buy her a car.

‘It’ll be great for business,’ she cooed. Well it’ll certainly help her business: enabling her to scoot from punter to punter much quicker.

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