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The Flying Englishman

by | 31st, July 2003

‘IT will be so much better for Kylie Minogue when Olivier Martinez returns to his native France from filming in the Unites States.

To achieve the impression of motion, take picture while driving fast in the other direction

For a start, she can check up on his whereabouts that much quicker – as yesterday, according to the Sun, the UK train speed record was crushed when the Eurostar managed a speed of 208mph.

Anyone who has taken the train and admired the slow-moving scenery of Kent for what seems like forever will be rubbing their eyes. Surely it should read 20.8mph.

No, 208mph it is. The speed is, alas, not the average speed for the entire London-Paris journey, but the top speed touched.

The full picture is provided by the down-doing Mail, which sees the Eurostar leave 15 minutes late and plod though London at an average pace of 30-50mph.

But it’s still an improvement on the old record of 162.2mph, and we now live just two and a half hours from Paris.

That’s quick enough for Kylie to catch her lover in the throes of passion – unless he’s like that other great French lover Jacques Chirac, in which case she will always be doomed to arrive two hours and twenty nine minutes too late…

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