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Rod & Tara

by | 31st, July 2003

‘WHO can forget the sizzling chemistry of last season’s Big Brother?

Rog couldn’t even manage a simple task like drowning himself

The mind now boggles at what Ray and Tania, two of the fabulously talented contestants, are getting up to now they’re an item.

Much of their love affair has been conducted in secret. The Star says that unforgettable Roy and Trudie have been indulging in ‘secret dates’ – with each other!

The Mirror catches up with Rick and Tracey as they smooched at a reunion party for the contestants. Said one insider: ‘They couldn’t keep their hands off each other.’

But the star of the party, as featured in the Star, has to be Hamish McDougal, the show’s winner and professional Chris Biggins impersonator.

But let’s take a second to remember them all. (Pause.) And now a lifetime to forget them…

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